About Michael

Michael Hanna, M.S. uses a scientific process in helping every athlete achieve their goals. His knowledge of how the body adapts to stress, over training, environmental factors, diet, hydration, biomechanics, the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, are all important elements in the hi approach to training. Most important in Michael’s approach to helping athletes succeed is his ability to use a scientific process in working with every athlete, every situation.

Michael’s coaching process revolves around the design and implementation of a training program, and measuring the athlete's response to training, and then adapting the training to maximize their response.

This is the scientific and thoughtful approach Michael brings to every training program, every coach/athlete decision.

Michael has helped athletes of all levels reach their goals using this process. He has coached athletes to Leadville 100 MTB finishes, Colorado Best All Around Rider Championships, Japanese Prefecture Junior Pursuit Champion, Tour of the Gila Podium finishes, as well as many other international, state and local race wins and championships. Michael is confident working with athletes of all levels and helping them reach their goals from competing in their first Cat 5 Cyclocross race to losing 10 pounds and improving their life through fitness and nutrition.

Michael holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition with a focus on sports nutrition and exercise physiology from the University of Massachusetts and has accumulated several years of experience in the field of exercise science and applied sports science at Carmichael Training Systems, the United States Air Force Academy and the Children’s Hospital of Denver. These experiences have enhanced Michael’s knowledge and skills in using current scientific methods of training, Lactate Testing and analyses, training and competing at altitude, sports nutrition, and using applied sports science to help athletes of all levels meet their goals.

As an athlete, Michael has competed as a road and cyclocross racer for the past 5 years and has progressed from Cat 4 to the Elite level while maintaining a full time job. Recent results include: 7th Place Tour of Los Alamos P12; Boulder Roubaix Winner Cat 3; 35+ Cat 3 Champion Tour of the Gila; 2nd Place Stage 1 Tour of the Gila Cat 3; 8th Place GC Tour of the Gila Cat 3; 3rd Place Boulder Cup Cyclocross Race Cat 3; 3rd, 4th, 6th Jingle Cross Rock 35+.

Michael uses his competitive experience and scientific knowledge and process to help each athlete succeed and understand the physiological and mental process of training, competing and winning!

Michael Hanna, MS

Current residence: Denver, Colorado

Current Employment: Endurance Coach, Wenzel Coaching.

Past Employment: Applied Sports Scientist, United States Air Force Academy Human Performance Lab; Clinical Pediatric Exercise Physiologist, The Children's Hospital,

Cycling: Cat 2 Road Cyclist for Primal p/b First Bank; Cat 3 Cyclocross Racer for Primal p/b First Bank

Scientific Interests: Training at Altitude; Doping in Sports; Sports Nutrition.

Recreational Interests: Nordic Skiing; Cooking; Playing with my soft coated wheaten terrier.